In an ever more challenging “International Student” market in the UK, Insight Study aims to stand out from other providers and to deliver a high standard of student focused courses and to provide students with the confidence to be able to communicate with ease in any given situation.

We aim to provide smaller class sizes to enhance the learning experience, our adult classes are restricted a maximum of 12 students per class.

Our summer and young learner centres are kept small so each student is known to our staff personally and to create a sense of family.

Insight Study Mission

To provide students from all over the world affordable, high quality classes and excellent customer service. All of our students are treated and respected equally regardless of race, gender, religion and background

Insight Study Goal

To encourage, promote and stimulate our students learning experience. To provide them with the confidence and tools to fulfil their potential on a global stage.

Insight Study Promise

Insight Study is committed to providing all of our students with high quality teaching that will help them achieve their goals. Our students receive the best learning experience, with qualified and experienced teachers to encourage and develop their English learning experience

Each course and lesson will be interactive, fun, lively, communicative and enjoyable. The resources and equipment will enhance your learning experience, in a safe and comfortable environment.


The world has become a much smaller place thanks to the onset of cheaper international flights, the internet, and equipment such as smartphones. In just a few clicks you can be in touch with somebody thousands of miles away.

However, in some parts of the world change is still a long way away. At Insight Study we believe the only way to improve lives is through education – basic skills for young children to be able to read and write and to understand that they too are a part of the global family. But education is still considered a luxury in remote parts of Asia, South America and Africa, where only the rich can fully benefit and send their children to schools, colleges and universities. It is the very few that can afford to send their children to summer camps in the UK or similar places. These life changing experiences should be afforded to everyone – education is not a luxury.

By introducing and setting up the Insight Study Educational Trust, we aim to deliver courses and training in 2018 and beyond. Initially the work will be carried out by working with UK based charities and charities in the countries where we will aim to set up and deliver teacher training and development courses, and eventually to provide full school support in country.

By giving a little support and guidance, we aim to assist in the development of current structures in schools. We aim to provide education to children as well as adults. By introducing new techniques and applications which can assist and promote self-learning and providing materials and resources for schools and homes.

To explore and break down gender and sexual discrimination which is often a huge barrier, where young girls are not allowed to study and have little or no contact with schools and the education system of that country.

These are just some of the areas that we will be working on in the coming months and years. If you need more information on any of the above or would like to assist then please do contact us directly.

Alone we can make a difference –
together we can change the world.