Important Policies and Procedures


Insight Study has a number of policies and procedures that are designed to ensure that all students fully enjoy their stay in London and get the most out of their time with us.  These policies cover a range of areas including:

Arrival Policy for Individual Students
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Discipline and Behaviour Policy and Procedures
Attendance, Absence and Lateness Policy
Equal Opportunities
Welfare & Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for care of under-18s
Arrival Policy for Under-18s
Complaints Procedure

Full policy documents are made available to students and staff members.


Arrival Policy for Individual Students

For students who have booked a transfer from the airport, the host families are notified prior to the arrival and given the student’s details and expected arrival time as well as the school’s emergency contact number.

If students are making their own way, they are asked to advise the school of their arrival time or contact the host family directly to ensure that someone will be at home to welcome them.

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Health and Safety Policy Statement

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our staff and students, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for that purpose.

In the case of a serious accident or incident requiring a doctor, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.  The contact details of the nearest hospitals are:

University Hospital Lewisham
High Street
Lewisham, London
SE13 6LH
Phone: 0208 333 3000

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
Stadium road
Woolwich, London
Phone: 0208 836 6000

In less serious circumstances there are NHS walk-in centres or GPs available to EU citizens. EU citizens who have form E128 (European Health Insurance Card) are entitled to register with any surgery in the country and receive treatment free of charge.  If you come from a country outside the European Union, you are entitled to emergency treatment but you may have to pay for it.

For any further information about health care in the UK, please speak to our reception or visit the NHS website.

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Discipline and Behaviour Policies and Procedures

Our teachers and staff lead by example and encourage students to be punctual, proactive in their learning and be part of the Insight Study community. We expect all students to follow our Code of Conduct and that all members of the Insight Study community treat each other with respect at all times: no form of bullying, harassment or abuse will be tolerated.

Any case of unacceptable or abusive behaviour is taken very seriously and is dealt with through clear and fair disciplinary procedures.

In most cases, disciplinary action takes the form of a verbal warning.

In extreme cases Insight Study reserves the right to exclude a student who has behaved in a completely unacceptable way. This may be as a result of, for example, physical or verbal abuse of students, teachers or staff; discrimination, such as racism, sexism or xenophobia, or; attempts to influence the religious views of other students.

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Attendance, Absence and Lateness Policy

Students are expected to attend their lessons regularly and on time.  They must attend 80% of their course to receive a certificate at the end of your studies.

  1. If students know they have to miss a class, they should inform the School Administrator at least the day before their absence.
  2. If students are ill and cannot come to school, they should inform the school on +44 208 465 5800 or email as soon as they can.
  3. If students are absent for 3 days or more, they will need to bring a medical certificate from a medical centre or hospital.

In order to get the maximum benefit from their lessons, all students are expected be punctual. Lateness disrupts the lesson for the whole class. If a student is persistently late, the teacher will speak to the student in private and further persistent lateness will be reported to the Academic Manager.

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Equal Opportunities

Insight Study abides by the Equality Act (2010) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, or ethnicity.

Insight Study aims to create an environment in which all staff and students are treated with respect and are not subjected to unfair discrimination.  All forms of unfair discrimination will be challenged in whatever way they arise.  Equality of opportunity can be threatened by the use of language, gesture and other forms of symbolic behaviour.  Insight Study does not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, colour, age, disability, ethnic or socio-economic background, family circumstances, religion, political persuasion, sexual orientation and is committed to working with diversity in wholly positive way.

Any member of the Insight Study community who feels they are being discriminated against, or witness discrimination, should speak to a member of staff.

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Welfare & Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for care of under-18s

Insight Study is fully committed to safeguarding and the welfare of all students under the age of 18. We aim to provide a caring and secure environment in which young people from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds feel safe, empowered to develop their skills, respected and valued.

All under 18s have the right to safeguarding from abuse, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, religious beliefs, sexuality, language, socio-economic status or appearance.

We recognise that everyone working with under 18s at Insight Study have a legal and moral responsibility to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

This policy aims to raise awareness to all Insight Study staff, visitors and sub-contractors of their responsibilities in identifying and reporting possible cases of abuse or instances in which a child is thought to be at risk.

Through our welfare and safeguarding policy, we will:

  • Promote a culture in which safeguarding is taken seriously and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Ensure all staff working with children understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding and are provided with appropriate training to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and young people
  • Ensure parents/legal guardians, homestay hosts and any other partner of Insight Study are aware of this policy and procedures as appropriate
  • Ensure that Insight Study has a trained Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) and that staff are aware of the procedures involved for reporting any concerns
  • Ensure appropriate action is taken swiftly in the event of incidents or concerns of abuse. In these cases, Insight Study will work in connection with the Local Safeguarding Children Board and, where necessary, with the police and social services.
  • Ensure support is provided to the individual(s) who raise or disclose concern
  • Ensure that personal data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Ensure that unsuitable individuals are prevented from employment through our commitment to safe recruitment in selection and vetting of staff, accommodation and other suppliers

This policy and included procedures are mandatory for everyone involved in Insight Study and failure to comply will be addressed promptly and may result in dismissal or exclusion from the company.

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Arrival Policy for under-18s

Individual students

Insight Study must have written assurances from its airport transfer partners that their drivers are DBS checked. Students under 18 must use Insight Study airport transfer service if travelling to London alone and unaccompanied by an adult.

Groups of students of under-18s

Homestay hosts pick up and drop off students at the meeting point on arrival and departure. There is a meet and greet service for groups from the airport to the meeting point.

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Complaints Procedure

We endeavour to provide all our students and customers with an excellent experience at Insight Study. However, if students are dissatisfied or have any problems with the services we provide, our staff are there to listen and help.

  • For any issues relating to academics or teaching, please speak to the Academic Manager.
  • For any issues relating to any other part of the stay, please speak to the School Administrator.
  • If the issue has not been solved satisfactorily, please contact the School Director – Ravi Lekh directly to set up a meeting. Email:; location: School Office or call 0208 465 5800.


If students or customers are not satisfied with the solution by the school and the complaint has not been resolved, there is the opportunity to contact the British Council.

Please send the following: (1) a written complaint (from the parent/guardian in the case of a child) and (2) details of how you / the parent / the agent (acting for the student) have already tried to resolve the problem with the school directly. If this is not in English, it must have at least the main points translated into English. The British Council will also require the response received from Insight Study.

Please post or email your complaint to:

British Council
Accreditation Unit,
Bridgewater House
58 Whitworth Street
Manchester, M1 6BB, UK